Certainly doesn’t snow in Thailand

If you do not enjoy the extreme cold in Europe

here is a warm escape: it is always hot in Thailand, but March and April are even hotter. 

Much of Europe woke up last week to yet another day of a cold spell that may have turned the streets of London, Rome and other capitals into pretty photo scenes but also has cost lives across the continent.
In March, Ko Samui has an average temperature of 29°C; only May is warmer. This is probably the best time of year to go diving.With sea temperatures of 27°C, crystal-clear water and an abundance of reefs and tropical fish, this is a real diving hotspot. 
If you can, try to do as much as possible. Definitely spend some time on the beach, but also make sure to go sea kayaking and hiking.

Are you a great runner?
 Go tot Race in Koh Samui Midnight Run 2018
Just as the name suggests, the run starts at midnight. The run will take place on Saturday 24th March 2018 at Chaweng Beach. The starting point and finishing point for the run is The Reggae Bar, arguably one of the most popular entertainment venues in Koh Samui.

Participants will run 5km or 10 km around the buzzy and lively streets of Chaweng Beach. The organizers are expecting between 1000 and 2000 participants for this 6th race and hope to see the charity run become one of the most popular events on the island!

The midnight run aims to raise funds for two charity organisations, namely The Green Project, a brainchild of THA as well as a new school for autistic children in Koh Samui. On completion of the race, participants will be awarded trophies by the Mayor of Koh Samui together with the presidents of THA and TAKS.

Don’t worry about staying in the Island, just call us.

Thailand is just awaiting for you.

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