Benefits to live in Koh Samui

Quality of Life, above all…

The Country of Smile bears its name: its inhabitants are globally friendly, respectful, peaceful, caring, smiling and with great gentleness.
For information, the cost of living in Thailand is 2 to 3 times cheaper than in France. Reside in Koh Samui will allow you to have all the comfort you need: very pleasant and spacious house with swimming pool at competitive prices, shops, supermarkets.
You will evolve in a tropical environment often paradisiacal, offering natural landscapes of a rare beauty and a total change of scenery.
Rent or Buy at Competitive Prices …

Renting, buying or building a Property in Koh Samui remains a very interesting investment.
A large number of expatriates or holidaymakers have understood this and decided to reside here cheaply or to rent outstanding villas or apartments for unbeatable rates.

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When your new home is on a tropical island, you’ll want to make local friends too and it’s not as difficult as you’d expect.
Samui locals are a friendly bunch, and the expats are like-minded, all having moved here bringing their sense of adventure.
A good way to meet friends with the same interest is to join a gym or yoga studio or take up a sport. Samui has several gyms, sports arenas and yoga studios.
Koh Samui makes up for in a welcoming stay that will make you want to extend your visit and return again and again.

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